Sunday, October 7, 2012




“What’s something no one can take away from you?” It’s a question that makes you think- what really can never be taken away by anyone. The world is a constantly fluctuating and freefalling place. There is so much unknown that it’s legitimately impossible to know of all the things that you don’t know.

My husband, my stepsons, my mother, my sisters, my brothers, my friends… people can all be taken from you so quickly and without any kind of warning. The recent passing of my friend Quinton is evidence of that. He was so young, so intelligent, so much fun. No one ever expected him to be gone so soon.

“Things” are taken even more easily. Mislaid items, broken valuables, stolen pieces, ruined clothes, lost toys… all of these things are daily occurrences. Things are not meant to be lasting, especially in this age of instant gratification and desire for all things new and young.

What is lasting?

What can you count on to be there day after day, year after year, for your entire lifetime?

My first thought was my education, my thoughts, my musings. While that’s somewhat true, I didn’t feel like this is the whole answer. It felt like there was something greater that I was missing. Anything and I mean anything can be whisked away at the blink of an eye, with the exception of one thing.

The answer is not a what, it’s a who. The Supreme Being, in whatever form(s) you believe in, is the lasting piece of the human puzzle. There is not a person out there that can take away your faith, your mind, your worship. As a Christian, I believe in the Trinity- God the father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I also respect the beliefs of those who believe in the forms of the Goddess, Allah, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, the Great Spirit, and other forms of The Creator.

Treasure your faith. Cultivate your beliefs.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Last night, as I was playing my weekly round of trivia with my friends from the local community theatre group at Jefferson's, in walk four actors. Hot actors. Famous actors. See, the movie Devil's Knot is filming in my hometown. That's right. You read it. In my sleepy little hometown, whose biggest claim to fame before Ben Walker was Wayne Knight, we are now housing Colin Firth, 7 months pregnant Reese Witherspoon, Stephen Moyer, Michael Gladis, Kristopher Higgins, and Rex Linn, among others.

I work right next to the building they are filming in, so the excitement is rushing over into my workplace and everyone is in a tizzy. As a board member of the local theatre, I find it particularly exciting to see professionals in their zone making their art work for them. After a 12 hour day of filming, I know the last thing they wanted was to be bothered by random people in a Jefferson's but John  and I stopped to say hello, to chat with them, to invite them to our theatre, and shake their hands.

I SHOOK HANDS WITH STEPHEN MOYER, REX LINN, KRISTOPHER HIGGINS, AND MICHAEL GLADIS. Also, my best friend Meg gangsta-rapped for them. I'm pretty sure she was nervous. 

I have been blessed with many opportunities so far in my life. I was an extra in both We Are Marshall and I Can Do Bad All By Myself. I have been to a wrap party, where I heard Tyler Perry give an inspirational speech and got to rub elbows with the famous... and those behind the scenes, who are even more exciting. I have been Tweeted and RT by LeeAnn Rimes in conversation about stepmotherhood. I got to experience a private concert by Mary J. Blige on set at Tyler Perry Studios. BUT THIS TRUMPED ALL. 

This trumped all. Meeting these fellas in my hometown was beyond cool and catapulted me into an almost catatonic state. They were so very nice, they shook my hand and my husband's hand, and they chatted with us briefly. They thanked us for coming over and talking to them, which was an extra touch of awesome. This. Is. Bliss.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Just Write: The Message

"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread." 
- Mother Theresa
& so
"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God." 
1 John 4:7

Basically, love is the most important thing in the universe, this world or the next. Love isn't conditional and it isn't backbiting. Not to mention the fact that even a villain can love his or her family and children and pets and people who like them. We are called to love even the people who we dislike, the people who harm us, the people that don't love us back. Love covers a multitude of sins.

Even if you don't believe you are called by the Christian God to love others, as I know many wonderful people who are of other faiths or of no faith or undetermined faith, you can believe that love covers all things. If you love someone, you are able to forgive them. You can move past transgressions. You can help them. Think of how happy the world would be if we all loved instead of thinking of ourselves first. 

My message would be that the case for LOVE is strong, no matter what religion, faith, denomination, creed, color, race, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, or gender you may be. Love one another and make yourself happy, make others happy, lead a fulfilling and satisfied life. Be strong. Be kind. Be loving.

Writing prompt found here.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just Write

Writing prompt found here.

Monday, a grumpy, grouchy grandmother, growls at her neighbors. Nothing ever goes right for Monday. Monday has bad luck and an even worse attitude. Her sleep-crusted eyes see everything in a shadow of darkness and pessimism. Frown lines are worn into her forehead and her nasolabial folds are deep, her lips turned down into a sour, sullen scowl. At night, she tosses and turns before falling into a deep, uncomfortable sleep, where she is taunted by her own loneliness.

Tuesday dawns and a heroic figure emerges. The broad-chested, wavy-haired, bright-eyed young man steps out onto the balcony of his secret hideaway, listening for the sounds of distress in the coming day. He is alert, alive, a man with responsibility. His powers are of speed, efficiency, strength, and he is capable of flight. Full of promise, he looks out onto the world in the first fingers of light and makes a solemn promise that things will get better from here.

Wednesday reminds his employees to be sure and use the new TPO report cover. "Didn't you get the memo?" he asks over his well used coffee mug that we are certain is attached to his hand. He walks the office, wearing his off-the-rack three-seasons-past suit that is tailored just half an inch too short for his rangy, middle-aged frame. He peers over his glasses, viewing the productivity reports and saying annoying phrases like, "It's hump day!" At lunch, he meets his mistress and disposes of the false sense of conservative propriety that he hides behind in his middle-management job and his crumbling sham of a marriage.

Thursday is a twenty-two-year-old plant worker with ambitions forgotten in the grueling pace of swing shift work. His eighteen-year-old wife, mother of two, stays home and waits for Thursday to come home for her only real social interaction with adults. After the whistle blows, he calls and says he's working late but ends up at the biker bar with his coworkers for Thirsty Thursday to escape the beating pressures of his day-to-day life.

Friday, the silly party girl, puts on false eyelashes and Ke$ha inspired makeup to hit the club with her girlfriends. Single and ready to mingle is her motto. She wears spike-heeled sandals, dark-wash jeans, and a barely-there shirt that looks inspired by a disco ball to bump and grind the night away against strangers in her own peculiar pride of womanhood. She drinks too much and doesn't eat enough and wakes up the next morning against a man she just met and whose name she doesn't know.

Saturday wakes up at seven to pack a picnic lunch and make a hearty breakfast for her family of six. The minivan is gassed up and ready to go. Her short, trendy, no fuss haircut is styled as well as possible and has been highlighted and dyed so much that no one even remembers the original color. She wears capri pants and flip-flops with a fresh pedicure. Her handbag and diaper bag are from the same expensive quilted bag collection and her wallet is covered with polka dots and topped with an ostentatious monogram. She runs down the schedule for the six activities that her four children have planned for the day over her morning cup of coffee from her Keurig machine, the latest appliance trend. She breathes one last breath in solitude before hearing her daughters begin a shouting match over the hairbrush and so her day begins.

Sunday meditates. She sits among her blossoming garden flowers, hair brushing her shoulders, exposed by her tank top. Yoga pants end with bare feet connecting to the earth. Her partner lies in shavasana (corpse pose) across the garden path on a blue yoga mat, his well-worn linen pants crinkling around his hips and knees. Their baby, a dark-skinned and dark-eyed beauty, plays on a homemade quilt nearby, not yet old enough to crawl. They break bread in the garden and eat a compassionate meal, giving thanks to the source. Their love is felt all around.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Defining Cute.

cute-animals-1 first image result for a Google search of “cute”

What does the word “cute” convey to you? The definition reads “attractive in an endearing way.” Now what does endearing mean??? The definition for that little gem reads “inspiring affection or warm sympathy.” So, when someone calls you “cute,” is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I have come to the conclusion that I am a “cute” person and that cute people are never taken seriously. I posted this on Facebook yesterday and got a variety of responses including things like

  • Story of my life.
  • Well, dear, it’s still better than troll, witch, or bee-ach!
  • This is such a cute status. Did you come up with it by yourself?
  • Being cute is a curse, I know.
  • Smile less. That helped me overcome my cute.

“Cute” is a word used constantly to describe me. What is it that makes me so cute? Is it because I’m short and therefore seem to be childlike? Is it because I say things like, “When in doubt, add glitter?” Is it because I still have a fond love for the Disney Princesses which, by the way, have been around since 1937 and are classics? Is it because I like to sing showtunes and watch Glee and want to dress like a Kate Spade model? Is it because I carry the somewhat naive wish for world peace and hope that I’ll live to see the day when all body sizes are celebrated? If I stopped doing/liking/loving those things, would it affect how people see me?

I could wear black cigarette pants and luxurious red-soled Louboutins and carry a Chanel bag and paint my nails with polish that costs more than most of my current wardrobe and I would still be cute me on the inside. I could rock climb and eat protein shakes and hike five times a week and I would still be cute me on the inside. I don’t want to have to kill my cute inside in order to satisfy the world and let it be known that I am no longer a teenager.

Consistent patronization has made me angry. Sure, I’m cute… but I’m also tough, intelligent, strong, driven, motivated, idealistic, practical, efficient, and, of course, opinionated. Apparently, “cute” throws all of these other qualities out the window. I love being “cute” and “inspiring warm affection” but I would also like to see people take my ideas seriously. I would love to be able to feel like someone appreciates me for my ideas or my solutions or my smarts or my drive or my passion… and not only for my cuteness.

I’m not sure what the point of my “war on cute” is, except possibly to bring awareness to the fact that labeling people becomes extremely limiting and can affect the way that people think about themselves and their contributions to the family, the workplace, and, on a larger scale, their world.

And for all you other “cute” people out there: I think you’re pretty damn awesome. Don’t let the world force you into killing your cute just so you can prove yourself. Use your cute and show them what you’re made of… and I promise if you look inside yourself you’ll find that you’re made of more than kittens and unicorns and rainbows.

photo (1)CUTE.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Seventeen Magazine: Give Girls Images of Real Girls!!!

Teen activist Julia Bluhm has started a petition sparking national commentary about the caliber of images in magazines presented to teenagers. Little Miss Bluhm is asking Seventeen, one of the premier mags for teen girls and one of my personal favorites as a teen, for one, single, solitary un-photo-shopped spread of a real teen girl or girls per issue. Is that really so much to ask?!

I couldn't describe it half as well as Angie from Curvy Girl Guide did, so check that post out here. As of this time, her petition has 43,000 signatures and some change. Read it. Love it. Sign it.

Together we can make a difference.